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IBM Connect 2014 - Social Snapshot and Press Coverage, Final

Here goes the final numbers about IBM Connect 2014. Really impressive.

Connect 2014: Social Snapshot

These metrics reflect Sunday, January 26 - Thursday, January 30

  • More than 42K Tweets mentioned #IBMConnect
  • 172 Million Impressions from 11,815 unique users during the event, a 55% increase from 2013
  • Overall engagement up 66% increase over 2013 
  • Engagement with key influencers up by more than 50% 
  • 95% of the top authoritative tweeters were Non-IBMers such as William Tincup, Jay Baer, Mark Fidelman, Pam Moore and Veronica Belmont 
  • More than 1,800 pictures uploaded in Instagram and Flickr with #IBMConnect

Connect 2014: Coverage Highlights

“An individual as a consumer is better served if you’re creating engaging moments for that consumer. Similarly, in SmarterCities, a lot of that is about engaging citizens in cities and municipalities. And now, I’m continuing the great work that [Rudy Karsan of IBM Kenexa] has been doing to create engaging moments with an employee, as you attract, retain, or develop them through the full life cycle of an employee. -- Craig Hayman. – Forbes

“It’s very difficult to train a front line concession worker to be intrinsically friendly and deliver exceptional customer service,” he said. So instead, AMC turned its focus away from training existing employees, and toward ensuring they were hiring the right general managers – the most crucial players in developing engagement –with the right skills, talent and cultural fit for the theaters...The results of AMC’s reduction in formal training were a corresponding reduction in staff turnover (from 200% to 90%) and increases in both guest satisfaction (from 43% to 53%) and front line employee engagement (from 58% to 70%). On top of all that, the general managers hired under the new system generated an extra $300,000 in yearly concession sales than did the control group. - Forbes

The external focus is on a new set of social sentiment data provided by customers that is infused with behavioral science and analytics that could give us the next level of loyalty programs or help identify 'at risk' customers for intervention. Scott Hebner, VP of Social Business Solutions at IBM said it best. "There is a gold mine of data that is brand new and businesses are just now starting to learn how to use it." . – Huffington Post

Employees are one of the ingredients that organizations require in order to succeed. But in every recipe, just one bad ingredient can ruin the end result, and the same is true in business, making it essential for companies to not only hire the right staff and train them well, but also give them the best tools to be able to excel at their jobs...At last week's IBM Connect, senior leaders from PepsiCo, Performance Bicycle, and Sika explained how partnering with IBM allows them to provide essential tools for knowledge-sharing, both among staff members and even with their customers. – 1to1 Media

Using this newTalent  suite, organizations can now streamline, modernize and add precision to hiring practices; increase workforce productivity; and connect employees in ways that impact business results - eWeek

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