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IBM Smartcloud Exchange - All about cloud in a single place

Announced today, IBM SmartCloud Exchange is a single place where you can find everything that is available in terms of IBM cloud. It is the result of a collaborative work involving 18 teams in different countries, who shared information and managed the entire project based on communities created in IBM Connections. The site is completely self-service, and through it, you can contract several different types of solutions.

The Catalog is where you can find all the available solutions, whether for business, infrastructure or development.

Want to contract a collaboration solution? What about Social Business Collaboration? Need something for Business Process Management, you will find it there ... And what if you need something related to smarter cities? City Insights and City Planning and Operations are available. Furthermore, there can also be contracted solutions for Data Warehousing, Analytics, Contract Management, Mobile Messaging, Employee Recruitment and much, much more.

The second part of the catalog is dedicated to tools and environments for development as Dojo, Ruby, MongoDB, JSON Database, SQL Database and Agile Development. All these, and many others, can be contracted in the cloud.

In the third part of the Catalog you can found solutions for operations such as Performance Management Applications and Infrastructure Services, Security, VPN, Business Recovery, Disaster Recovery and many others.

In addition to the Catalog, the site has another session specially developed to offer basic explanations about Cloud. Want to understand more about cloud, cloud security or needed investments? It's all there, ready to be consulted. Want to meet success case stories? See how other customers are using cloud solutions from IBM.

It is worth knowing a little more about this new environment from IBM.

This is an extremely ambitious project and it is a result of the new IBM Austin Lab Design Studio, dedicated to creating richer and easier user experiences. Get to know a little more about this new laboratory, opened on November, 6th, last year, watching the video below:

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