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IBM Connect 2014, o maior evento de Colaboração e Social está chegando!

O IBM Connect 2014 será realizado entre os dias 26 e 30 de Janeiro de 2014, em Orlando, Flórida. O objetivo do evento será compartilhar a experiência da IBM e de seus Clientes e Parceiros em Social Business, Colaboração e Mobilidade. Estes temas estão no topo da agenda da grande maioria das empresas e, quando combinados com Cultura Corporativa e Técnicas de Analítica, podem ter um impacto extremamente positivo e ajudar na identificação e na gestão da "inteligência coletiva" de uma empresa, seu grande patrimônio. Será uma oportunidade única para conhecer as novas tecnologias e metodologias relacionadas com Social Business e, ao mesmo tempo, conectar com outras empresas.

O evento terá várias "trilhas", abaixo descritas, cobrindo desde temas estratégicos até assuntos técnicos. Para inscrever-se, clique aqui.

IBM Connect 2014, Trilhas:

Track 1: Social Business Strategy and Innovations
The premise that technology drawn from the world of social media can optimize workforce collaboration productivity will be a central theme of the Social Business track at Connect 2014.
We live in a world in which communication takes place more quickly, more easily, and in more ways than ever before. Just in the last decade, for instance, social media has completely transformed human interaction on a global scale—from the more than one billion Facebook users to the hundreds of millions of Twitter followers to the incredibly rapid growth of services such as Tumblr, Pinterest, and YouTube.
Smart mobile devices, now used by a staggering 70%+ of the global population, have made accessing these and other services an effortless experience—anywhere we go. And driving the services at the back end is cloud computing—the most flexible, scalable, cost-effective, and resource-optimized computational architecture available today.
But how many organizations have learned the lessons of social media—or have, in other words, adopted the best of Web 2.0 by reimagining it and reinventing it for business purposes? How much natural collaboration, information sharing, tactical and strategic brainstorming, and overall productivity might be achieved—that isn't yet being achieved? Connect 2014 will ask and answer that very important question.
And beyond changing the way the workforce interacts, another very promising area is learning more about the workforce, in the context of business goals, to create a superior overall outcome.
In this track, you'll learn about emerging best practices—all the ways social business solutions can connect, inspire, and empower the workforce to communicate. You'll also learn about IBM's own solutions to accomplish exactly that—and how, every day, IBM and select IBM clients are already realizing the many business benefits they generate.

Track 2: Solutions for a Smarter Workforce
For many organizations, the question “How can we build the best long-term team to pursue our strategies” is getting more complex by the day—and the available solutions are few and far between.
In a perfect world, for instance, it'd be relatively simple to put the right people into the right jobs—or better still, the right career tracks within the organization. And making sure workers can easily share their unique knowledge bases, capabilities, and insights to best business effect would be a similarly trivial matter.
In the world we live in, unfortunately, these matters aren't quite so straightforward. Many employees, or potential employees, struggle to find the perfect job (or, too often, any job). They can't pair their skills with suitable job opportunities because, among other reasons, they aren't even clear about just what those skills are—or should be, to improve their hiring prospects. As a result, they wind up in jobs charitably described as "less than a perfect fit"—jobs where they aren't inspired, don't contribute what they might, and ultimately, don't contribute as much to the organization's mission as would ideally be the case.
What if it were possible to enhance this fundamental paradigm, by better understanding how people think, what they can do—and want to do—and how well that correlates to organizational goals, both now and going forward?
What if, instead of workers taking jobs based on immediate organizational openings, jobs could be far more effectively mapped to talent, ultimately yielding an enduring, continually optimized career track?
Answering questions like that, and demonstrating how those answers are available to any organization using solutions already available today, is what the Smarter Workforce (YouTube, 00:04:15) track at Connect 2014 will be all about. And for organizations that put in the time, the result will be not just a more inspired and productive workforce, but also superior products and services, enhanced customer relationships, and escalating market share—a case of going from one strength to the next via an irresistible wave of improvement.

Track 3: Solutions for Exceptional Customer Experiences
Of course, communication inside company boundaries, though critical, is only half the story. The other half involves external customers, clients, and business partners.
Every organization has, at a basic level, the same goal: meet and exceed customer expectations through superior goods and services. But accomplishing that goal faster and more effectively than market competitors means understanding customers at a deeper level than competitors do—and getting the best use of that insight, once you have it.
For marketing professionals, customer service professionals, and digital experience professionals, IBM offers industry-leading capabilities designed to do just that. Thanks to smart analytics as applied to rich streams of customer data (like social media), it's now possible to make service—even self-service—more personal and more compelling to the customer than ever before.
Similarly, it's much easier to make the experience customers get—in interacting with company staff, using customer services, and using all forms of customer-facing content—a more consistent one.
No matter how customers engage with the organization, IBM offers solutions that can help optimize that engagement—across all channels of communication, platforms, and interfaces. And by attending sessions from this track, you can find out how those solutions can create real value at your organization both now and every year going forward.

Tracks 4-10: Lotusphere Technical Program
The technically rich content in these tracks will explore the full scope of everything IBM offers to make the idea of “energizing life's work” an up-and-running reality. That means, among other core technologies:

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