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IBM Connect 2014 - Press Coverage

Connect Coverage Highlights

"It comes at a crucial time harnessing some of the possibilities of both analytics and social graphs. At a mere announcement it is difficult to assess what these data capabilities will look like, or how easy they will be to use for HR staff today. What it suggests is a new role in HR with a basis in data science to be able to work with the substantial data volumes that rise from social interaction." Forbes 

"With the IBM Kenexa Talent Suite, human resource (HR) professionals can look at large volumes of employee data—such as work experience, social engagement, skills development and individual traits—to identify the qualities that make top performers successful. Organizations and teams can then use those models to pursue candidates through additional targeted social marketing on social recruiting sites, where job seekers matching the profile are automatically connected with opportunities matching their skills." eWeek

"The IBM Kenexa Talent Suite incorporates new and previously developed applications from IBM and Kenexa, which IBM acquired in 2012 for $1.3 billion. Using big data analytics, the suite evaluates employee information such as work experience, social engagement, skill development, and individual character traits to fine-tune the recruitment process and helps employers understand their workforce, the company said. This could foster things like better targeted candidate searches through social recruiting sites such as LinkedIn." Informationweek

"IBM has created a cloud-hosted software suite designed for automating and improving human resources tasks...It's designed to help human resources professionals and business managers with processes like recruitment, training and performance  assessment." IDG News

"I thought the most fascinating part of the show was a short meeting with one of the IBM/Kenexa customers, who shared some elements of her company's recruiting challenges, and how they were responding to these challenges." HR Technology

"IBM has announced a software-as-a-service (SaaS) version of its Kenexa talent-management platform to allow chief human resources officers (CHROs) and C-suite executives to manage the plethora of data from their workforce." CruxialCIO

"Through IBM’s data analytics, Leo Burnett is able to glean valuable insights from its annual global people survey to better understand the needs of the workforce. This helps the agency identify a link between its overall corporate philosophy and greater business results through higher retention rates and a more productive workforce, saving the company valuable resources." InfoTech Lead

"The IBM Kenexa talent Suite can be used by HR professionals to analyse and sort large volumes of data – such as by experience, skills and interests – in order to create models for what makes successful employees. It includes three pieces of software: Talent Acquisition, for assessments and onboarding, Talent Optimisation for performance management and compensation management and Social Networking for increased productivity and social discovery." The Register

"IBM has showcased some truly remarkable tools that one its own can provide the all-in-one technology solution to enable a social business to thrive. Beyond that IBM has positioned the products to coexist with the technologies that companies are already using." CMSWire

"I got a glimpse of something that might be a game changer for the company and the industry. They provided a look — and not a very long one — at IBM Connections Mail Next." GigaOM

"One big thing I walked away with was, if I were looking for a job as an employee or particularly a manager, I’d look for firms that use a tool like Kenexa to manage their employees and avoid those that used forced ranking like the plague. The reason: You’ll have a better, more successful life." IT Business Edge

"PepsiCo, for example, has unleashed innovation and collaboration by launching the Pepnet platform. By better disseminating information and utilising assets, it is saving time and money and reducing complexity." Cloud Pro

"Princess Cruise Lines originally turned to SaaS to save money and benefit from increased efficiencies while gaining instant access to technology resources. Over time, however, the company realised that the IBM Connections social software platform, delivered as a service through the cloud, fostered a more team oriented environment resulting in more innovative thinking." Information Age

"It is interesting to note that IBM was the only company that had built into its design as a company the concept of evolution and is, as a result, one of handful of U.S. firms that’s survived for a century." IT Business Edge

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